About MagTense

MagTense is actively developed at the Technical University of Denmark by the Department of Energy Conversion and Storage.

The code is developed by Rasmus Bjørk and Kaspar Kirstein Nielsen. Major code developers are Andrea Roberto InsingaEmil Blaabjerg Poulsen and Stefan Pollok.

Development of the code and the associated research on permanent magnets is sponsored by the Poul Due Jensen Foundation, in a project aimed to understand the coercivity of permanent magnets. Furthermore, development is also sponsored by the Independent Research Fund Denmark project, contract. no. 7017-00034.

Previously the development of the demagnetization part of the framework has been partly financed by the ENOVHEAT project, which is funded by Innovation Fund Denmark (contract no. 12-132673), and also the Programme Commission on Energy and Environment (EnM) (contract no. 2104-06-0032) which was part of the Danish Council for Strategic Research.